Heritage Gardens are landscaped areas designed to honor the cultural and natural heritage of the Columbia River Basin while utilizing sustainable gardening practices.  

The Clore Center features two Heritage Garden planting beds.  The circular bed in front of the building features native and non-native low water-use plants. A drip irrigation system provides supplemental water to plants that have a water requirement greater than 10 inches.  The focal point of this bed is a large ice-rafted erratic.  The planting bed to the east between the Clore Center and Desert Wind features native and non-native plants as well.  The majority of this planting bed does not contain fabric mulch so the plants will be able to re-seed and the garden will fill-in over time.  The Heritage Garden program is sponsored by the Benton Conservation District in partnership with the Columbia Basin Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society.  For more information on Heritage Gardens visit Heritage Gardens of the Columbia Basin's website.



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