It is the mission of the Walter Clore Wine & Culinary Center to promote Washington wines and wineries to our guests.

Since there are over 900 wineries, we manage this by featuring a different AVA each month. The wines in our tasting room lineup will be from different producers who source their fruit from the featured AVA. 

It doesn’t matter where the winery is, where the winemaker lives, where their tasting room(s) are – all that matters is where the fruit grew.

The Clore Center Tasting Room - “How it works”

We ask wineries to submit samples of wines they would like to have considered for feature. We suggest that wineries submit their best-selling wines, or their flagship wine, or a wine that tells their story.

We have a tasting panel who reviews samples, and we create a lineup that hopefully has a great variety of whites and reds, but sometimes the grapes available in the AVA limit our variety. The upside to this is that it tells the story of the AVA. Puget Sound is a good example of this – we won’t have any Malbec or Cabernet in our lineup during the Puget Sound feature, and that is our chance to educate our guests about the unique differences between the AVAs.

Once a wine is selected for feature, we purchase your wines at wholesale. We respectfully request a 40% discount. We then pour samples of and sell your wines at your retail cost; the only exception is sometimes we bump up the sticker price per bottle to cover any shipping costs involved. We make a strong effort to avoid this. In our tasting room, we tell the story of your wine, winery, winemaker, etc… to guests and talk about points of interest regarding the AVA. We also use social media to promote your business during the featured month, and we ask that you cross promote our features to your social media followers.

We will usually start with 1 or 2 cases of the wines the panel selects, and there are many months we re-order 1/3 of the way through the month.

Walter Clore “Best Cellars” Wine Club: We have a wine club, and every month (or every other month based on which club) we release the top two selling bottles from the last release. If your wine is one of the top sellers during the two months, we will order more from you and release it to our wine club. This is another exciting way to benefit from exposure at the Clore Center!

We also invite winemakers and/or owners to participate in our Winemaker Saturday series. Our guests love to come in and talk with folks from the featured wineries, and this generally results in high sales for that winery that day. If there is a Saturday during your featured month that you can join us in the tasting room from 11-5 and visit with our guests, we would love to have you, and we think you will enjoy the results.

We also hold monthly blind tastings and wine/food pairing workshops. We post on our website the varietals that will be featured in blind tastings and we encourage wineries to submit samples for consideration. Consumers come in for an after-hours experience where they have 6 wines pre-poured and all they know is the varietal they are sampling.

As you can see, there are many ways for a winery to be featured. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!

Please call or email with any questions, and I look forward to receiving your samples. Please use this address for shipping:

April Reddout
Wine Program Manager
Walter Clore Center
2140A Wine Country Road
Prosser, WA 99350
(509) 786-1000 x204

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